The Office of Research Services and Xeno-Optic Press are pleased to invite you to the launch of As I See It by Raymond Fraser, an award winning author and STU alumnus.
As I See It presents the poetry of Fraser with accompanying photographs by students of Professor William Forrestall’s FNAR 1113 – Introduction to Art Fundamentals class. After reading and reflecting on a poem, each student created photographic images that responded visually to the poem and during a class workshop with Fraser they selected the images for the book.
The foreword by English professor Dr. Tony Tremblay offers an overview of the relationships built into the structure of this unique and collaborative publication.
Forrestall initiated the Xeno-Optic project as a means of bringing students into working partnerships with professional artists. The project is supported by St. Thomas University’s Office of Research Services to support working relationships between students and professional artists. Artists are able to complete projects that enhance or expand their own creative practice and students gain the invaluable experience of engaging in creative projects with professionals.