The Yellow Box Gallery is presenting the exhibit “Ghost Stories,” a collection of drawings by Nick Howe and Maggie Estey who are two young Fredericton artists with close connections to St. Thomas University. The exhibit will be launched on Wednesday, August 3 at 7:00 pm and runs until September 2. “Drawing is increasingly overcoming its more common profile as a minor art form, a preparatory process for final creative elaboration in another medium. The growing worldwide interest in the art of drawing has supported a renaissance of activity and public interest in this most elemental of creative endeavours,” said William Forrestall, director of the Yellow Box Gallery and an instructor at the university. “This exhibition reflects the increased attention that drawing now commands, as well as its expression by two gifted practitioners. Both Nick and Maggie have incorporated approaches to their work that have been influenced by current creative sensibilities and the medium’s traditional virtues of abbreviated, direct expression and creative exploration,” added Forrestall. Nick Howe is a Fredericton native who plays music and creates art. He attended St. Thomas University and the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design where he earned the Foundation in Visual Arts Certificate. He is studying at the Emily Carr University of Art and Design. Maggie Estey is a writer and artist from Miramichi. She began exhibiting symptoms of obsessive compulsive disorder at five years old, and her ink and paper practice is influenced by this aspect of her personality. She studied journalism at St. Thomas University and art history at Concordia. She is the interim executive director of Gallery Connexion. “I first became aware of the drawings of both Nick and Maggie when their work was included in an important group exhibition of drawings by national, local and international artists held last year in Fredericton. They are young, they are good and their work reflects a contemporary interpretation of the art of drawing,” said Forrestall. “Both call Fredericton home and find inspiration and direction for their drawing from their immediate community as well as from around the world. I am grateful that they have chosen to exhibit their work at the Yellow Box Gallery, and I would like to thank them for their talent, energy and generosity in sharing their work.”