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Application Process

Please note that once files are complete and decisions have been made on applications, applicants will receive written notice of their status.

  1. All applicants (part-time and full-time) must submit a $55 CAD (or USD) non-refundable application fee. Applicants from New Brunswick submit $40. Cheques or money orders should be made payable to St. Thomas University. Please note that Bachelor of Arts applicants who have previously been accepted to and completed courses at St. Thomas University within the past three years are not required to pay the application fee.

  2. High School applicants: Grade 12 students who have achieved an average of 70% or higher on five Grade 11 academic courses, including English literature, and whose Grade 12 programs satisfy the university’s subject distribution requirements, will receive conditional offers of admission during the first semester of their senior year. Applicants who wish to be considered under this policy may, beginning in October, submit their high school transcript showing Grade 11 (junior year) final grades, as well as first- and second-term Grade 12 (senior year) courses directly to the Admissions Office by December 15, 2017.

    High school students who apply after December 15, 2017, or whose admission averages do not meet the above criteria, should arrange for a high school transcript showing Grade 12 first-semester results (or Grade 12 mid-year results for non-semestered schools) to be sent to the Admissions Office as soon as it is available. Qualified candidates will be offered conditional acceptance when these results are received.

    Scholarships: All applicants who wish to be considered for scholarships (including the guaranteed scholarships) must submit a transcript showing their Grade 12 first-semester results (or Grade 12 mid-year results for non-semestered schools) to the Admissions Office. For major scholarships, transcripts must be received by March 1, 2018.

  3. International applicants: Applicants whose primary language is not English, must arrange to have an official copy of their English proficiency scores (TOEFL, IELTS or MELAB) sent directly to the Admissions Office. The St. Thomas University ETS institution code is 0803. International applicants who indicate that they are Permanent Residents must provide a photocopy of their official Permanent Resident cards.

    Applicants who have written an external exam (e.g. AP, IB, GCE), must arrrange to have their results forwarded to the Admissions Office.

  4. Transfer applicants: Please arrange for an official copy of all college and/or university transcripts to be sent directly to the Admissions Office.

  5. Adult Learners (applicants 21 years or older who are not eligible under the high school admission requirements and have not attended a post-secondary institution): Adult Learner applicants must submit a letter describing their educational background, work experience and academic plans. Mature candidates must also submit academic transcripts (e.g. high school, GED).

  6. Applicants who have been required to withdraw from St. Thomas or from any other post-secondary institution must submit a letter explaining the reasons for their poor academic performance and why they are likely to be successful if readmitted to university. Such students cannot be considered for readmission/admission for at least 12 months from the time they were dismissed from their institutions.

  7. Scholarship applicants must complete and submit a St. Thomas Scholarship application form (available at connectSTU.ca).

  8. Applicants who plan to live on campus must complete and submit a Residence application form (available at connectSTU.ca).

There is no direct entry to the Certificate Programs from high school as special admission requirements apply. Please refer to Certificate Programs for details.

Additional Requirements

In addition to the application process outlined above, there are further application requirements for post-degree program applicants. These additional admission and application requirements can be found at Bachelor of Education and Bachelor of Social Work .

Apply Online

To apply for admission, scholarships, and residence online, you must create a ConnectSTU account. This will also enable you to receive information that is specific to your interests.

Apply By Mail

Please note that applying online is strongly recommended.

Download the Application Package

Please submit your completed form to:

Admissions Office
St. Thomas University
Fredericton, New Brunswick
E3B 5G3

The Common Application

International applicants are able to apply to St. Thomas University through The Common Application. To do so, please click here for STU's Common App Link to add St. Thomas to your college lists after login. Or, you can manually add STU by selecting the 'College Search' tab on your main screen and searching "St. Thomas University," while selecting "Canada" in the country field. Click on our institution and "Add" St. Thomas University to your list of colleges (found under the 'My Colleges' tab at the top of your screen). You can then begin your application. Be sure to complete the Common App screens, but most importantly, our Member-Specific application screens. If you experience any difficulties, you can contact the 24/7 Common Applicant Solutions Center, or our International Admissions Team at international@stu.ca.

Application Deadlines

Please note that applications, the application fee, and all supporting documents must be received in the Admissions Office by these deadlines.

High School Applicants

For September 2018

High school applicants are encouraged to submit their applications and supporting documents by March 31, 2018, but applications will be considered until August 31, 2018.

Students wishing to be considered for competitive scholarships must submit their admission and scholarship applications (including transcripts and supporting documents) to the Admissions Office by March 1, 2018. Students are eligible for the guaranteed scholarships up until September 2018.

For January 2018
Applications to the Bachelor of Arts program will be considered until December 2017.

Post-degree Program Applicants
Bachelor of Education - January 15, 2018
Bachelor of Social Work - January 31, 2018

International Applicants

International applicants are encouraged to submit applications and supporting documents by June 1st for September admission and October 1st for January admission. While applications will be accepted beyond those dates, students who apply later risk having insufficient time to obtain student visas and other authorization. Please note that processing times at embassies can take up to three months.

For information on other important dates, please visit Important Dates. 

Admission Confirmation

If you have been accepted to St. Thomas, you may confirm/decline the offer at your ConnectSTU account (My Applications).