Future Students

Campus Life

Living on Campus—Your Home Away from Home

Find a place to call home in one of our five residences—three located on our upper campus (Harrington Hall, Vanier Hall, and Holy Cross House), and two located on our lower campus (Rigby Hall and Chatham Hall), only a 12-minute walk away. Rigby and Chatham offer larger rooms and private bathrooms. Plus, when you don’t feel like walking, hop on the bus with your STU Bus Pass (included with tuition) and be home in 5 minutes!

Why Residence? 

1. You’ll be part of the fabric of our campus community
Our small size encourages a close-knit, involved university community, but you have to be here to fully experience it. Students who live on campus are more likely to join clubs, attend events, and meet new people.

2. Your grades will benefit
Studies have shown that students who live in residence often achieve higher grade point averages. Think about it—it’s hard to be late for class when you live five minutes away. Not sure you’re ready for the midterm? Ask your housemates for help.

3. You’ll make friends from around the world
Your housemates will be from different cities, provinces, and even countries. While you share with them what it’s like coming from your hometown, they’ll teach you about theirs—you may find yourself learning a new language or spending a school break visiting another city or country.

4. You’ll have an unforgettable university experience
Your university years will be some of the best of your life, and it’s important to make the most of them. Form a band, get dressed up for the formal, raise awareness for a cause, write a column in our campus newspaper, audition for a play, and anything else that interests you. Living in residence makes it that much easier.

Student Meal Plan Nutritious & Delicious  

All You Care to Eat dining on campus allows students to enjoy visits to the dining hall to the fullest. Once you swipe your way in, enjoy as much or as little as you wish without worrying about the cost of individual items. Choose from meal plans that offer 10, 19, or unlimited visits per week and fill your plate with home-cooked comfort food. The dining hall offers Canadian, international, vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free dishes and has you covered for everything from small snacks to healthy lunches and hearty dinners.

Get involved in a BIG way

Students at St. Thomas say they enjoy big advantages over friends at larger schools. Being part of a smaller community means connecting with the entire student population. It means having your voice heard, being known for who you are and what you do. It means it’s normal to join more than one club, have friends from different residences, and interact with professors from other departments.

Annual Events & Campus Traditions  

  • Multicultural Fair
  • Campus Coffee Houses
  • T-Pin Ceremony
  • Student Research & Ideas Fair
  • Celebration of Culture Pow Wow
  • Trick-or-Eat Food Collection for Food Banks
  • Winter Formal
  • Theatre St. Thomas Productions
  • Social Action Fair
  • STU Relay for Life
  • Battle of the Hill (STU vs UNB Hockey)
  • Celebration of Faith and Diversity
  • Exam Prep Therapy Dogs
  • Residence Life Challenges
  • T-Ceremony for Graduates

It’s Not a Campus Community Without You! 

We believe in providing opportunities for participation and growth beyond the classroom. Through the groups and clubs on campus, there are opportunities for you to experience cultural, athletic, philanthropic, political, social and spiritual engagement.

A Sample of Campus Groups and Clubs

  • The Aquinian (newspaper)
  • Theatre St. Thomas
  • Model United Nations
  • Moot Court
  • SPECTRUM Gay and Straight Alliance
  • Native Student Council
  • Human Rights Club
  • Residence House Committees
  • Students’ Union
  • Best Buddies
  • International Student Association
  • Students for Sustainability
  • STU Tommies Varsity Athletics

Learn about all our clubs and societies at the Clubs and Societies Fair during the start of each semester at STU

Support You Can Count On 

Between classes and homework, you’ve got enough to worry about. Our Student Services work to make your life easier when it comes to the extra stuff—take advantage!

  • Two free hours of peer tutoring a week
  • Accessibility Centre
  • Academic Advising
  • Career Advising
  • On-Campus Counselling Services
  • Peer Mentoring Program
  • City Bus Pass
  • Financial Aid Advising
  • Writing Centre
  • Campus Fitness Centre
  • Departmental Advisors
  • Residence Advsiors
  • Career and Student Success Workshops
  • On-Campus Health Clinic