Tuition and Fees

Schedule of Fees 2014-2015

These fees include all the regular charges of the University for the full academic year for registration, tuition, libraries and other academic services, athletics, creative arts, and accident insurance.

Tuition Canadian International
Bachelor of Arts $5,552 $13,192
Post-degree Bachelor of Education $8,082 $16,532
Post-degree Bachelor of Social Work $8,282 $16,972
Part-time (per three credit hour course) $600 $1,210
Extension (per three credit hour course) $600 $1,210

Student Health Plan

Full-time students participate in a Student Health Plan which provides supplementary coverage for prescription drugs and major medical expenses not included in provincial Medicare plans. Full-time students also have the option to participate in a Student Dental Plan. Coverage under these plans extends from September 1 to August 31 of the following year. Complete information on the plans is available at

Participation in the Student Health Plan is mandatory unless proof of other medical insurance is presented. Participation in the Student Dental Plan is optional. This year, the single plan fees for health and dental have been placed on each student’s account and will remain to be paid unless they are waived by the process described below.

If you do not require health or dental benefits under the student plans, you must opt-out by October 18. The fees for the health and dental plans will be reversed in full after October 18 upon successfully completing the waiver forms. Refer to the opt-out tab at and complete the required information. An e-mail confirming you have waived coverage will be sent on completion. You should save this receipt for your records.

Fees (2014-15)
Health Plan Dental Plan
Single $237.52 Single $80.00
Family $472.94 Family $185.53


Student Fees:
Student Union Full-time $137 full time $21.00 part time per three credit hours*
Student 's Union Welcome Week Kit $75 for first-year students just out of high school
Student's Union Media Fees $25 full time  
Facility Renewal Fee $50 full time $5 part time per three credit hours
Technology Fee $50 full time $5 part time per three credit hours
Universal Bus Pass Fee $86.25 full time  
Student Health Centre Fee $50  
Health Plan Fee (International Students) $457  
Journalism Fee (3rd & 4th Year) $250.00  

Part-time is defined as registration in six credit hours or less per semester.

The Students’ Union requires all full-time students to pay an annual fee to support student organizations. The students’ union fee is not refundable and is payable on or before registration. Compulsory student fees are the same for Canadian and International students.

A discount of 10% may be available on tuition fees when two or more immediate members of the same family attend St. Thomas University concurrently on a full time basis. This discount is not available to major scholarship recipients or to dependents of university employees.

Residence Fees (Vanier, Harrington, Holy Cross)
Meal Plan Plan 1 Plan 2 Plan 3
Double Room $7,905 $8,180 $8,430
Single Room $9,805 $10,080 $10,330

Residence Fees (Rigby Hall, Chatham Hall)
Meal Plan Plan 1 Plan 2 Plan 3
Double Room $8,255 $8,530 $8,780
Single Room $10,155 $10,430 $10,680

Meal Plans Only

Meal Plan Only
Meal Plan Plan 1 Plan 2 Plan 3
  $3,025 $3,300 $3,550

In addition, students returning to residence may purchase a reduced meal plan which is valued at $2,625.

All residence students have access to the same daily menus. Each meal plan uses a Student ID Card on a declining balance system. Students receive credits (equal to the amount of the meal plan they choose) at the beginning of the school year and every time they eat, their card is scanned and the food purchase is deducted from their account balance.

At the end of the year, students enrolled in Plans Two and Three are eligible for a partial refund (80%) on any unspent balance over and above the cost of Plan One. No refunds are available on Plan One or Plan Four (reduced plan).

Other residence fees are:
Damage Deposit (refundable) $250
Laundry Fees $65
House Dues $50

Intersession and Summer Session

Payment of tuition fees for Intersession and Summer Session must be made at the Registrar's Office prior to the start of classes. Tuition fees are as follows:

3 credit-hour course - $600.00
6 credit-hour course - $1200.00
Audit (non-credit) - half fees
Differential fee (International Students) - $610 additional per 3 credit hours for 2015