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Canada’s Only Exclusively Liberal Arts University

St. Thomas University is Canada’s only exclusively liberal arts university and the Bachelor of Arts is the central programme of study. A student in the BA programme normally majors in one or two fields or may choose to pursue a more intensive honours programme.  

St. Thomas also offers post-degree Bachelor of Education and Bachelor of Social Work programmes. Many students who complete their Bachelor of Arts at St. Thomas continue to the Education and Social Work programmes.

St. Thomas University's Well Rounded Liberal Arts Programme
Social Sciences
Fine Arts
Anthropology Catholic Studies Biology Fine Arts
Criminology English Environment & Society Music
Economics French Geology Visual Arts
Gerontology Great Books Mathematics  
Political Science History    
Psychology Human Rights    
Science & Technology Studies Journalism & Communications    
Sociology Native Studies    
Women's Studies & Gender Studies Philosophy    
  Religious Studies    

Our Teaching Priority

St. Thomas University is unique because teaching is our highest priority. A professor will always be in the classroom, teaching, engaging and inspiring. Learning is a collaboration, and our professors work to create a community where students are active participants. Your professors are distinguished scholars, authors and public commentators, and their research strengthens their teaching. You may even have the opportunity to participate in your professors’ research projects.

Our small class sizes – often as few as twenty – will encourage you to participate in discussions with your peers and professors. Through a variety of approaches to teaching – lectures, readings, class discussions, group activities, debates, research assignments, out-of-class writing and online discussions – you will develop communication skills, as well as learn to think critically about what you read, hear, and experience.

Start at STU

St. Thomas students have the opportunity to include in their undergraduate programmes not only the courses required for admission to the St. Thomas professional programmes, but also those required for a broad range of graduate and professional programmes offered by other Canadian universities. Examples of the professional programmes for which St. Thomas students can qualify include:

Business Management (MBA)
Communications Disorders
Dental Hygiene
Law Enforcement
Occupational Therapy
Public Relations
Social Work
Veterinary Medicine
X-ray Technology

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