Author List (Alphabetical)

The authors below appear in the New Brunswick Literature Curriculum in English. Each is hyperlinked to his/her respective Author Page. The Module within which each appears is indicated in parenthesis after the name. To select an Author Page, click on the author name below or go to the left box of the main site and click on the appropriate Module.

Allan, Adam (Pre-Confederation Writers and Poets)


Allan, Peter John (Pre-Confederation Writers and Poets)


Armstrong, Sally (New Brunswick History in Fiction)


Armstrong, Tammy (Current & Contemporary Voices)


Arsenault, Guy (The Acadian Renaissance)


Bailey, Alfred G. (Modernism and the Fredericton Ferment)


Bartlett, Brian (Current & Contemporary Voices)


Butler, Martin (Pre-Confederation Writers and Poets)


Brewster, Elizabeth (Confessional Humanism)


Carman, Bliss (Confederation Poets)


Cartier, Jacques (Pre-Confederation Writers and Poets)


Chiasson, Herménégilde (The Acadian Renaissance)


Cogswell, Fred (Modernism and the Fredericton Ferment)


Compton, Anne (Current & Contemporary Voices)


Cooper, Allan (The Tantramar Revisited)


Curtis, Wayne (The Literary Miramichi)


Davies, Lynn (Current & Contemporary Voices)


De Mille, James (Pre-Confederation Writers and Poets)


Després, Ronald (The Acadian Renaissance)


Després, Rose (The Acadian Renaissance)


Fraser, Raymond (The Literary Miramichi)


Gibbs, Robert (Modernism and the Fredericton Ferment)


Goldsmith, Oliver (Pre-Confederation Writers and Poets)


Gyles, John (Pre-Confederation Writers and Poets)


Harvor, Elisabeth (Current & Contemporary Voices)


Lane, M. Travis (Current & Contemporary Voices)


Leblanc, Gérald (The Acadian Renaissance)


LeBlanc, Raymond Guy (The Acadian Renaissance)


Leggett, William M. (Pre-Confederation Writers and Poets)


Lochhead, Douglas (The Tantramar Revisited)


Maillet, Antonine (The Acadian Renaissance)


Maliseet (Wolastoqiyik) (First Nations Story)


Mi’kmaq (First Nations Story)


Nowlan, Alden (Confessional Humanism)


Odell, Jonathan (Pre-Confederation Writers and Poets)


Passamaquoddy (First Nations Story)


Richards, David Adams (The Literary Miramichi)


Roberts, Charles G.D. (Confederation Poets)


Sherman, Francis (Confederation Poets)


Smith, Kay (Modernism and the Fredericton Ferment)


Thompson, John (The Tantramar Revisited)


Vaughan, Richard M. (Current & Contemporary Voices)


Whelan, Michael (The Literary Miramichi)


Wilson, Alan (Current & Contemporary Voices)