Alan Wilson

Alan Wilson was born in Moncton, spent his formative years in Saint John and Woodstock, attended university in Fredericton (UNB), and now works in Victoria, BC. That peripatetic life is reflected in his creative work, which began with the poetry collections Animate Objects (1995) and Counting to 100 (1996). Those collections, though quite different, reflect the scientist’s interest in the hidden orders of the universe, whether laws of matter or number. Counting to 100, for example, is a meditation on each of the first one hundred numbers in our Hindu-Arabic numeral system, while Sky Atlas (2008) employs the sonnet form to map an overhead atlas of night constellations. Wilson carried his interest in natural law and hidden orders to his first novel, Before the Flood (1999), which works on multiple levels to examine the nature of place, the movement of time, and the relationship between physical and narrative landscape. The novel is of special interest to development activists because it examines the politics (both personal and governmental) of altering the watercourse of the St. John River to build the Mactaquac Dam, a 1960s hydroelectric mega project that supported New Brunswick’s industrial ambitions. Common to Wilson’s poetry and fiction is a fascination with the elemental forces that break down man-made things. His interest is to locate the calculus that animates change and that devours our built environments.

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The linked Author Page contains an excerpt from Before the Flood and the poems "Headstone," "Equipment Failure," "Tale," "The Moon," and "Isobars."