Charles G.D. Roberts

Considered to be the most influential poet in Canada in the nineteenth century, Charles G.D. Roberts was born in Douglas, New Brunswick on 10 January 1860. The leading figure among the Confederation Poets, he is thought of as one of the fathers of Canadian literature. His poetic explorations of the Canadian landscape and how that landscape seeps into our psyches predate the visual explorations of the Group of Seven painters by more than two decades. Roberts’s first collection of poetry, Orion And Other Poems (1880), is considered a landmark in nationalist expression, as is his controversial historical study A History of Canada (1897). The latter was sharply criticized because it espoused the idea of Canadian independence at a time of deeply embedded British attachment. When he died in 1943, Roberts was eulogized as a writer considerably ahead of his time.

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The linked Author Page contains the poems "The Tantramar Revisited," "The Sower," "The Mowing," "In an Old Barn," and "The Cow Pasture."