Elisabeth Harvor

Short story writer, novelist, and poet Elisabeth Harvor was born in 1936 in Saint John, NB to well-known Danish potters Kjeld and Erica Deichmann. She spent her formative years on the Kingston Peninsula northeast of Saint John, a witness to the artisanal life of her parents, which included the “romantic” deprivations of Emersonian living: no running water, no electricity, etc. After attending a one-room schoolhouse in Summerville for her primary education, she boarded in Saint John for secondary school. She then trained as a nurse at the Saint John General, but left before finishing, marrying and travelling in the years that followed. Always aware that writing was her vocation, she published her first collection of stories, Women & Children, in 1973, that collection establishing her reputation as a first-class writer of fiction. An expert at capturing the subtleties of manners and character, her stories and novels probe the mostly female experiences of marriage, sexuality, domestic life, fidelity, illness, mothering, despair, and love. Her poetry, later to emerge but just as assured, covers similar ground, though it is much more personal and rooted recognizably in the Kennebecasis River Valley of her childhood and adolescence.

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The linked Author Page contains the short story "Pain Was My Portion" and the poems "Down There," "We Walk Into Our Gowns," "Four O’Clock, New Year’s Morning, New River Beach," "The Favourite Flies Home," "Cold Day in August," and "Blowtorch Alchemy."