Herménégilde Chiasson

An acclaimed artist in varied forms and expressions, Herménégilde Chiasson was born in Saint-Simon, NB in 1946. A poet, playwright, painter, filmmaker, professor, photographer, and former Lieutenant Governor of the Province of New Brunswick (2003-2009), Chiasson is the highest-profile figure of the pioneering Acadian Renaissance poets, his creative output and cultural leadership spanning almost half a century. His early verse collections published by Les Éditions d’Acadie – Mourir à Scoudouc (1974) and Rapport sur l’etat de mes illusions (1976) – put him at the forefront of the Acadian Renaissance, but with a literary style and voice different from his peers, Guy Arsenault and Raymond Guy LeBlanc. Chiasson’s early tone was a jazzed up form of anguish and pain, that expression influenced by an existential avant-garde that he encountered when doing a PhD on photography and aesthetics at the Sorbonne. The most intellectual and experimental of the Acadian writers, his vision has moved from form to form (poetry, prose, paint, image, film, stage) to find the best medium for its expression.

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The linked Author Page contains the poems "Blue," "Red," "Between the Season of Extravagant Love And The Season of Raspberries," and "Readings." It also contains excerpts from the poem Beatitudes.