Rose Després

Born in Cocagne, NB in 1950, Rose Després is another of Acadie’s writers who expresses herself in multiple genres. Poet, musician, actor, teacher, and translator, she gained literary notice in 1982 with her first collection of poems, Fièvre de nos mains. Five collections followed, each displaying an arresting internal intensity that has been described as incendiary. Her work is indeed animated by elemental imagery, restless movement, and flight, her recurring symbols water and fire, and her recurring occasion that of release. Her subjects break out, soar, explode, and always push against the boundaries of the normal. The occasions in which we observe them are a combination of the quotidian and the fantastic, that combination not a mixing of opposites, and therefore absurd, but a statement about the instability of normalcy. Després, in other words, delights in troubling the normal and rendering it extraordinary. She makes poetry of the prosaic.

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The linked Author Page contains the poems "The tide defines . . .," "At The Star-port," and "Primitive sonata."