Wayne Curtis

Born in central New Brunswick in 1943, Wayne Curtis grew up on the Miramichi River near Blackville, where his ancestors had lived for many generations. Central to his identity and imagination was the river, a river that employed his family members as fishing guides, cooks, farmers, loggers, and outfitters, and a river that held the stories of his entire community. To be born on the river was to give oneself wholly to it, for nothing grander or more magnetic existed. So did it become the dominant force in Curtis’s life, and so does it occupy the centre of his fictional world. A couple of years after completing the grades in the one-room schoolhouse in his community, Curtis quit formal education to work on his father’s farm. But the farm life wasn’t for him, and he moved to Ontario to work in the auto industry. In Ontario, he pined for the river, eventually moving back to the Miramichi region where he started writing about it. After more than fifteen books of long and short fiction, essays, memoirs, river histories, and poems, Curtis has taken his place as one of the most important writers of the province.

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The linked Author Page contains the short stories "The Game," "September Morning," and "There Are Two Rivers Here."