William M. Leggett

William Martin Leggett was born in New York in 1813 and moved to New Brunswick in 1818 when his parents took charge of a school in Sussex Vale. Inheriting his parents’ vocational interests, he became a teacher in the province, acquiring his license at a very young age. His writing began shortly after, his poems appearing in provincial and local papers in the late 1820s. His poem “The Harp of Brunswick,” for which he is best known, was published in his collection The Forest Wreath (1833). After a profound spiritual experience, Leggett converted to Methodism, leaving his first profession to become a preacher. He worked abroad for a while as a missionary, then returned to New Brunswick, where he reaffirmed his original faith and became an Anglican priest. Throughout this period of spiritual investigation he continued to write, giving himself the title “The Bard of New Brunswick.”

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