The St. Thomas University community has come together to create a book as part of the university’s Centenary celebrations.

The STU Reader was edited by Psychology Professor Douglas Vipond and English Professor Russell A. Hunt. It features over 50 pieces from people with ties to the university covering a variety of poems, short stories, journalistic pieces, memoirs and essays.

Vipond said he and Hunt wanted to create a book that simply contained good pieces of writing.

“We excluded specialized academic and professional writing, even though that’s what faculty members here and elsewhere mainly do,” said Vipond. “We looked instead for interesting and entertaining work by people who have one thing in common: St. Thomas University.”

Stewart Donovan contributed an elegy for English professor Fenton Burke, David Folster celebrates the St. John River, and Tony Tremblay writes about the significance of the mill in his hometown of Dalhousie, NB.

Other contributions focus on major world events and social issues, such as Helen Barnwell’s reflection on the SARS epidemic of 2003 and Peter Smith’s muses on the slow expiration of the prejudice toward gays and lesbians. A large number of selections also focus on individual people. Sheree Fitch writes about her sister in “Cop”, while Ray Fraser recalls his friend Alden Nowlan.

The book has received very good reviews since its publication.

"An Engaging and Entertaining Volume"

Atlantic Books Today said the book is a “feast for the hungry mind; a magnificent melange of fiction, non-fiction and poetry that takes the readers on a journey that is both regional and universal in scope and tone. Quill and Quire said the book was “an engaging and entertaining volume, one that will likely lead readers to seek out more by these St. Thomas writers.”

The STU Reader was published by Goose Lane Editions. Copies are $21 (taxes included) and can be purchased by contacting Debbie Hudson at or (506) 452-0645.