Research Ethics Board

St. Thomas University endorses the principles set out in the Tri-Council Policy Statement: Ethical Conduct for Research Involving Humans (TCPS), thus, it has charged its Research Ethics Board (REB) with ensuring that all research involving human participants conducted by anyone employed by or representing St. Thomas University comply with the REB Policy

Before a researcher may proceed with their study, they must submit a complete application to the REB and receive written confirmation that the design of their study is aligned with TCPS guidelines. Click here to begin an REB application.

Ethics Information, Policies and Resources

REB Members
Danielle Connell, REB Coordinator

Erin Fredericks, Sociology
Claire Goggin, Criminology and Criminal Justice
Martin Kutnowski, Fine Arts
Beth Lyons, Community Member
Sharon Murray, Education
Karla O'Regan, REB Chair, Criminology and Criminal Justice
Nicholas Sehl, Community Member

REB Meetings
October 4        (applications due September 20)
November 8     (applications due October 25)
December 6     (applications due November 22)

REB Annual Reports

Danielle Connell
REB Coordinator
(506) 452-0621

Karla O'Regan
REB Chair
(506) 460-0347