Conference Travel Grant

Rolling deadline, apply at least one month in advance of anticipated travel.

Application for Conference Travel Grant

Valued up to $800

Conference Travel Grants provide financial assistance to full and part-time faculty members, including sabbaticants, who are formally disseminating their research/scholarship/creative works at academic conferences.

Levels of Funding
As of July 1st, 2015 levels of funding will be as follows:

  • For travel up to 700 km (one way): Up to $400

  • For travel over 700 km (one way): Up to $800 (includes all overseas travel)

Reimbursement of meals and mileage will be made according to the University Expenditure Policy:

In Canada: Breakfast $10; Lunch $12; Dinner $23; Misc. $5 ($50 Canadian Dollars)

In the United States: Breakfast $10; Lunch $12; Dinner $23; Misc. $5 ($50 American Dollars)

International: Breakfast $15; Lunch $18; Dinner $40; Misc. $5 ($78 Canadian Dollars)

Mileage 0.40 cents per kilometer

Pre-Award Conditions

  • Grants can only be applied for BEFORE the event has occurred.

  • Faculty are eligible to apply for a conference travel grant every other year (1 July - 30 June, based on the date of the conference). Transition: Faculty awarded a CTG in 2014-2015 will be eligible to apply for conference funding again in 2015-2016.

  • Applicants who are considering attending a conference should apply by the appropriate deadline even if active participation in the conference has not been confirmed at the time of application. Applications of this nature will be granted a conditional acceptance. Funds will be released once official confirmation is received by the office of the Associate Vice-President (Research).

  • As of July 1st, 2015 applicants will be required to provide a 300-word description of the outcomes for their last (if applicable) Conference Travel Grant. Your report should highlight the ways that the award facilitated and developed your research agenda (dissemination of knowledge, publications/creative work, networking and collaborative opportunities, revising or rethinking key ideas and approaches, etc.) Note: This requirement replaces the Final Report that was normally due 2 months after conference participation.

  • The Senate Research Committee requires a fully itemized budget showing the FULL COST of the trip, even if above and beyond the amount of the grant.

  • Per diems and other expenses can only be claimed for the day before the event, during the event itself, and the day after the event.

  • Meals and/or accommodation fees already included in conference registration may not be claimed.

  • Applications for Conference Travel Grants (once complete) will be processed within 15 working days.

Post-Award Conditions

  • Funds that are awarded but not spent will be returned to the General Research Fund at the deadline date specified in the letter awarding the grant. See Extensions.

  • Send a signed reimbursement form (see link to form below) with all supporting documentation to the Office of Research Services. Once signed by the Associate Vice-President (Research), the form(s) will be forwarded to Financial Services.

  • **A new Research Grant-specific reimbursement form has been created for use when claiming internal and external grant expenses. Find it here: Research Grant Reimbursement Form

  • When claiming grants, debit and credit card slips must be itemized.

If an extension is required, it must be approved by the Senate Research Committee before the deadline date.
Please submit a detailed written request for an extension to the Office of the Associate Vice-President (Research).

APPLICATION CHECKLIST (all items are required in order to be considered complete)

  • Completed online application form (earlier versions will not be accepted)

  • Abstract of conference material to be delivered

  • A 300-word summary of previous conference attendance (if applicable)

  • Confirmation of acceptance to the conference

  • Registration fee documentation

  • Proof of travel and hotel costs (printed estimates are acceptable in lieu of actual invoices or receipts)