Work by Dr. Martin Kutnowski, of the Fine Arts Department, will be featured on the first album by the woodwind quintet Ventus Machina.
Kutnowski’s composition “Tonadas y Mateadas”, which can be translated as “Tunes Sung While Drinking Yerba Mate in a Gathering of Friends,” was composed in 2015.  It attempts to recapture the rhythms and moods of different dances from Argentina.
“Ventus Machina is Atlantic Canada’s premier woodwind quintet,” Kutnowski said. “Writing a piece for consummated artists like them is highly stimulating because you know the music will reach audiences with the most expressive power.”
The album titled “In the Weeds” is the first for Ventus Machina and includes other works by Astor Piazzolla, Paquito D’Rivera, and Richard Price. 
“In the Weeds” will be released on the American label MSR Classics and will be available for download and sale online or directly from the quintet.