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What is a Psychometrist?

A psychometrist administers, scores, and interprets psychological tests (e.g., intelligence, personality, etc.). I often liken their work to that of a detective – they meet with individuals with certain problems (e.g., cognitive deficits, memory problems, brain injury, etc.) and work toward figuring out the nature of the person’s difficulties in order to then propose treatment options. Psychometrists may also work on developing psychological tests and establishing their norms, validity, and reliability.

Typical Tasks:

  • Conducting in-depth assessments with individuals
  • Administering, scoring, and interpreting psychological tests
  • Developing psychological tests
  • Developing treatment plans

Typical Workplaces:

  • Public and private organizations (such as Workers’ Compensation)
  • Schools and Universities
  • Mental Health Clinics
  • Hospitals

Education Requirements:

Most often requires a Master’s degree in clinical psychology (see FAQ on “Going on to Graduate School”)


According to the 2000 Canadian census, the average annual earnings for full-time a psychometrist range from $47,098 to $52,329.


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