Youth Engagement Principles

Youth Exploring Solutions: Youth Engagement in New Brunswick is a framework document that follows a year-long consultation with youth, policy makers and youth-serving agencies. A series of eight principles of youth engagement were formulated through a process that began with a youth forum that attracted students from high schools around Fredericton and Saint John and was further elaborated through adult-youth partnership consultations.

The principles focus on positive youth development by building on the strengths and assets of young people while denouncing stereotypes, ageist attitudes and a lack of meaningful involvement of youth in decision making when “token” youth are selected to represent the views of all youth.

What is Youth Engagement?

The video “What is Youth Engagement?” was produced this summer to encourage other young people, with the support of adult allies, to become engaged in their communities and to assist in the further development of a province-wide network of young decision-makers in New Brunswick.