Dr. Peter Weeks

Erin Fredericks

Department of Sociology

BA (STU), PhD (Dalhousie)

Assistant Professor



Beagan, B.L., Fredericks, E., & Bryson, M. (2015). Family physician perceptions of working with LGBTQ patients: Physician training needs. Canadian Medical Education Journal, 6(1): e14-e22.


Fredericks, E. (Mar. 2014). Short report: How family physicians can support discussions about menstrual issues. Canadian Family Physician, 60(3), e194-e196.


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Fredericks, E. (2013). “Some women are just so much better than me:" Governmentality enacted through the breast cancer social movement. Doctoral dissertation. http://dalspace.library.dal.ca/bitstream/handle/10222/21422/Fredericks-Erin-PHD-INTE-March2013.pdf


Beagan, B., Fredericks, E. & Goldberg, L. (Sept, 2012). Nurses’ approaches to working with LGBTQ patients: “They’re just like everybody else, so what’s the difference?” Canadian Journal of Nursing Research. 44(3), 44-63.