Dr. Peter Weeks

Erin Fredericks

Department of Sociology

BA (STU), PhD (Dalhousie)

Assistant Professor


Areas of Interest


Within the field of sociology of health and illness, my empirical research examines interconnections between gender and other forms of marginalization, representations of health and illness, and health behaviours. Health has social value, but is narrowly defined and not equally accessible to all members of society. Individually and as a member of multidisciplinary research teams, I conduct research that illuminates the social nature of health and health behviours for those facing marginalization.


I actively seek opportunities to collaborate with scholars, policy-makers and others engaged in health research or in need of health research support. I regularly employ St. Thomas University students so they have opportunities to learn about the research process and gain work experience. I believe that university-based research has the potential to be more socially relevant. If you are interested in discussing potential research collaboration, please contact me by email.