Dr. Matthew Hayes

Matthew Hayes

Department of Sociology

BA (Carleton), MA (Carleton), PhD (York)

Associate Professor



I like thinking about our lives in historical perspective.  What social forces influence the way we see and think about the world? How might we see and think about the world differently if we account for some of the collective factors that shape our individual lives?  Whether those are economic forces, like the drive for increased competitiveness, or private ones, like a desire to maximize intense experiences and sentiments, my classes seek to link our private lives with the historical forces that shape our contemporary historical moment.


Courses Taught Regularly


Outlines change from year to year in response to new topics in contemporary culture, new material, and student suggestions and criticism.


Classical Sociological Theory [outline from fall, 2016]


Modern Sociological Theory [outline from winter, 2016]


Capitalism and Modern Culture [outline from fall, 2016]


Sociology of Love [outline from winter, 2016]


Privileged Mobility: Tourism and Lifestyle Migration [outline from fall 2014]