Dr. Kelly Bronson

Marcea Ingersoll

School of Education

BA (STU), BEd, MEd, PhD (Queens)

Assistant Professor

Participate in a Study on International Teaching


 Teachers: Have you ever decided a school wasn’t right for you?

Administrators: Did you have a teacher leave before the end of contract?


We invite you to tell YOUR side of the story…


You are invited to participate in a study about the perspectives of educators who decide to break contract and leave their overseas positions. The title of the research is Contract non-completion in international teaching contexts: Dual Perspectives of Teachers and Administrators.


Q.          Who is being asked to participate?

A.          We want to speak to teachers and school administrators with experience teaching and working in an international context, and with knowledge about contract non-completion.


Q.          Do I have to participate?

A.          No, and you may withdraw from the study at any time if you do decide to participate. Let one of the researchers know of your decision up to a month after your interview.


Q.          What exactly is involved?

A.          You will be asked to fill out a short demographic questionnaire with basic information about your teaching experience and participate in one interview .The focus of the interview is on your experiences and perspectives relating to contract non-completion in international teaching.


Q.          How long will it take?

A.          The questionnaire will take between 5 and 10 minutes and the interview about 30 minutes.  These will be conducted at the same time, at a time and place convenient to you, or via Skype. 


Q.          What are the benefits of participating in the study?

A.          The study is an opportunity for you to contribute to an investigation of contract non-completion in international teaching contexts. There is very little scholarly work on this topic. We hope that the results from this research will inform recruitment and hiring practices for the benefit of both teachers and schools.


Q.          What are the benefits or risks?

A.          People involved in our work generally find it interesting and find it a positive experience to have their opinions and perspectives heard during an interview. However, if you do not feel comfortable at any time you are free to discontinue participation in the interview. You can also withdraw from the study up to a month after your interview if you change your mind.


Q.          Will my information be kept confidential?

A.          Yes.  The information we collect will be for research purposes only. You will not be identified by name when information is analyzed or in any findings that come from the study. The names of your schools or any other identifying information will be changed and anonymized as well. All identifiable personal information about participants will be held in locked cabinets and password protected computers. You can choose a pseudonym. Pseudonym keys will be prepared and kept separately from the data.


Q.          Who is doing the research?

A.          Marcea is an Assistant Professor at St. Thomas University in Fredericton, NB, and Stefan and Launa are PhD students at Queen’s University. All three of us have taught internationally, and we have a shared interest in international teaching. You can contact us at any time for more information or clarification. Our individual email addresses are found below or you can reach us at the study email internationaledresearch@gmail.com


Q.          Do I get to keep a copy of the information letter and the consent form?

A.          Yes, you will be provided with a copy of the information letter and the consent form. If the interview is conducted via Skype, your verbal consent to participate will be recorded on the copy we keep.


We look forward to your participation and hope you might find it an interesting experience. Please email us at internationaledresearch@gmail.com to participate.


Yours sincerely,


Marcea, Launa, and Stefan


Teachers: Click here for the Letter of Information


Administrators: Click here for the Letter of Information



This study has been reviewed for its adherence to ethical guidelines and certified by the Research Ethics Board at both St. Thomas University (REB certificate #26-14) and Queen’s University. The individual researchers’ institutional emails are: Stefan Merchant, Faculty of Education, Queen’s University, stefan.merchant@queensu.ca; Launa Gauthier, Faculty of Education, Queen’s University, launa.gauthier@queensu.ca; Marcea Ingersoll, School of Education, St. Thomas University, marcea@stu.ca. If you wish to contact someone not associated with this study to ask questions or raise concerns about your role as a participant in this study please contact the Chair of the REB at St. Thomas University Dr. Karla O’Regan via reb@stu.ca, or the REB Coordinator, Office of Research Services, Danielle Connell (506-452-0621 or reb@stu.ca). Alternatively, any ethical concerns about the study may be directed to the Queen’s University Chair of the General Research Ethics Board at chair.GREB@queensu.ca or 1-613-533-6000 extension 78281 or toll free in North America 1-844-535-2988.