"Once There was a Shtetl Named Lunna"

St. Thomas University Holocaust Centre will hold a special lecture on Thursday, November 5, 2009, at 7:00 p.m. in the Holy Cross House Conference Room by Dr. Ruth Marcus entitled, "Once There was a Shtetl Named Lunna."

Her father was born in this town, now located in Byelorussia, about 38 kms southeast of the city of Gordno. Between WWI and II, the region belonged to the Bialystok district in Poland. Currently there are about 1,000 residents of Lunna; none of them Jewish. During the last six years Dr. Marcus has been researching the life of the Jewish community of Lunna before WWII and its bitter fate in the Holocaust. In her lecture she will describe the various stages of her research from its beginning and the colloboration established with teachers of history at the Lunna Secondary School who conduct a project to memorialize the Jewish Community.

Dr. Ruth Marcus holds Ph.D in Statistics and since 1988, she has been tracing the roots of her family in Israel, Hungary, Lithuania, and Byelorussia. She has published two books and authored numerous articles.

This lecture is part of the annual Kristaillnacht commemoration.