Copyright Policy

JNBS/RÉNB is an open access journal. Copyright for the peer-reviewed articles, essays, and research notes we publish is retained by the author(s), with JNBS/RÉNB having a non-exclusive license to the work throughout the world. After publication in JNBS/RÉNB, the author(s) shall have the right to reprint the article/essay/note in whole or in part, for scholarly or educational purposes, in books authored or edited by the author(s) without the payment of any fee. In the case of commercial reuse of the article/essay/note, JNBS/RÉNB requires a standard permission fee of $100, which will be divided 50/50 between the journal and the author(s). In all instances of reprint and reuse for scholarly/educational or commercial purposes, JNBS/RÉNB must be acknowledged as first publisher. All instances of reprinting and/or reuse must be communicated to the Editor.

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