Issue 8 (2017)

Editorial introduction:

Tony Tremblay, "Health Care in New Brunswick: The Elephant in the Room (as if we needed another elephant)" [HTML/PDF]


Photo Essay:

Joshua Green, "Some Historical Images of Health Care in New Brunswick" [HTML/PDF]


Invited Essays:

Ken McGeorge and Thomas M.J. Bateman, "Settling for Mediocrity: Aging and Health Care in New Brunswick" [HTML/PDF]

Penny Ericson, "Opening the Door: A Much Needed Dialogue on Current Health Care Delivery" [HTML/PDF]


Refereed articles:

Sasha Mullally and Katherine MacDonald, "Call the Doctor?: Understanding Health Service Trends in New Brunswick, Part I, 1918-1950" [HTML/PDF]

Neeru Gupta, "Charting the Progression of Diabetes Mellitus in New Brunswick: Rates, Correlates, and Implications for Accountability in Public Policy" [HTML/PDF]

Paul Peters, "Population Change and Population Health, A Spatio-temporal Analysis of New Brunswick Communities" [HTML/PDF]

Jane Jenkins, "Diagnosing Collective Memory Loss: Integrating Historical Awareness into New Brunswick's Healthcare Policy Debate" [HTML/PDF]

Pat Charlton, Rima Azar, Alison Luke, Shelley Doucet, William Montelpare, Daniel Nagel, Nicky Hyndman, and Kate Thompson, "Falling Through the Cracks: Barriers to Accessing Services for Children with Complex Health Conditions and their Families in New Brunswick" [HTML/PDF]

Yvonne Anisimowicz, Baukje Miedema, Julie Easley, and Andrea E. Bowes, "Factors Influencing Family Medicine Resident Retention and Newly Graduated Physicians' First Practice Location" [HTML/PDF]

Priscilla Medeiros, "HIV and the Health of Women in New Brunswick" [HTML/PDF]



Thomas M.J. Bateman, "A Review of Richard Saillant's A Tale of Two Countries: How the Great Demographic Imbalance is Pulling Canada Apart. Halifax: Nimbus, 2016." [HTML/PDF]


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