Issue 9 (2018) - Special Issue on Electoral/democratic reform in new brunswick

Editorial introduction:

Tony Tremblay, " Promise, Fail, Repeat: Reforming the Two-Party Monopoly that has Failed New Brunswick" [HTML/PDF]


Invited Essays:

Paul Howe, “A New Electoral System for New Brunswick” [HTML/PDF]

Finlay Macdonald, “What New Brunswick Can Learn from New Zealand About Electoral Reform” [HTML/PDF]


J.P. Lewis, “Definitely Maybe: A Recent History of Electoral Reform in New Brunswick” [HTML/PDF]


Joanna Everitt, “Using Electoral Reform Discussions to Enhance Women’s Political Representation: Steps in the Right Direction” [HTML/PDF]


Alan Sears, “Just Tinkering: Education for Civic Engagement and Electoral Sophistication in New Brunswick” [HTML/PDF]


Sue Duguay, “Allocution au nom de la Fédération des jeunes francophones du Nouveau-Brunswick : le droit de vote à partir de 16 ans pour une jeunesse engagée en politique” [HTML/PDF]


Constantine Passaris, “Building a More Inclusive Democracy in New Brunswick” [HTML/PDF]


Photo Essay:

Joshua Green, " Images of New Brunswick’s Developing Electoral Maturity"   [HTML/PDF]


[version Française]