Issue 2 (2011)

Editorial Introduction:

Tony Tremblay, "Balancing Thrift and the Provision of Services in Today’s New Brunswick"

Invited essays:

David Frank, "Organized Labour and the Making of Public Policy in Twentieth-Century New Brunswick"

Tony Tremblay, "Public Policy and the Moment of Crisis in New Brunswick: An Interview with Donald Savoie"

Podcast: Nicole Lang, Elizabeth Mancke, and Ruth Sandwell Discuss Béatrice Craig's Backwoods Consumers and Homespun Capitalists: The Rise of a Market Culture in Eastern Canada

Refereed articles:

Thomas M.J. Bateman, "Stuck…in This Place: Shrinking Policy Space in New Brunswick"

David Dussault and René Blais, "Analyse d’un changement de régime forestier : le cas du Nouveau-Brunswick des années 1980"

Barry Cahill,"'Everybody Called Her Frank': The Odyssey of an Early Woman Lawyer in New Brunswick"


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