Issue 3 (2012)


Tony Tremblay, “The Politics Behind Outrage: Examining New Brunswick’s Unconditional Municipal Grants Debate”

Invited essays:

Constantine E. Passaris, "New Brunswick's Perfect Demographic Storm"

Adrian Park, "Shale Gas in New Brunswick: Promise, Threat, or Opportunity?"

Refereed articles:

Peter Thompson, "Representations of Region in Child of God and The Coming of Winter"

Vincent Roy & Jean-Michel Billette, "Caractéristiques ethnolinguistiques et distribution spatiale de la population dans la région urbaine de Moncton, 1981-2006"

Greg Marquis, "The Folk Music of Anglophone New Brunswick: Old-Time and Country Music in the Twentieth Century"

Frances Helyar, "'Gladly given for the cause': New Brunswick Teacher and Student Support for the War Effort, 1914-1918"

Laurel Lewey, "A Near Golden Age: The Cooperative Commonwealth Federation (CCF) in New Brunswick, 1940-1949"

Reviews and Research Notes:

Steven High, Review of The Last Shift: The Story of a Mill Town


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