Issue 4 (2013)


Tony Tremblay, “The Lobstermen's Dispute, and What it Reveals about the New Brunswick Condition”

Invited essays:

Jane Jenkins, "The Future of Health Care in New Brunswick: An Interview with Dr. Dennis Furlong"

Refereed articles:

Jennifer Andrews, "Reading The Bricklin: Narrating the Place of Dreaming in an Era of Self-Sufficiency"

Chantal Richard, Anne Brown, Margaret Conrad, Gwendolyn Davies, Bonnie Huskins, and Sylvia Kasparian, "Markers of Collective Identity in Loyalist and Acadian Speeches of the 1880s: A Comparative Analysis"

Reviews and Research Notes:

Tony Tremblay, "A Yank among the Loyalists: Review of Peter C. Kent's Inventing Academic Freedom: The 1968 Strax Affair at the University of New Brunswick (Halifax: Formac, 2012)"


Thanks to Mike Nason and Lyle Smith (Electronic Text Centre, University of New Brunswick) for OJS support. Special thanks in this issue go to Doug Vipond for copy editing, and to Lise L'Anglais and Jo-Anne Elder for help with translation.

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