Issue 6(1) (2015)

Editorial introduction:

Lauren Beck and Christina Ionescu, "Challenges and Opportunities Faced by Small Communities in New Brunswick: An Introduction" [HTML/PDF]

Invited essays:

Lauren Beck and Christina Ionescu, "New Brunswick Artists in the Context of Small Communities: Interviews with Suzanne Dallaire (French) and Thaddeus Holownia (English)" [HTML/PDF]

Refereed articles:

Daniel Delong and Michael Fox, "Small Communities and Public Participation in the Cumulative Environmental Impact Assessment Process: The Case of Little Bouctouche River, New Brunswick" [HTML/PDF]

David J. Lieske, Lori Ann Roness, Emily A. Phillips, and Michael J. Fox, "Climate Change Adaptation Challenges Facing New Brunswick Coastal Communities: A Review of the Problems and a Synthesis of Solutions Suggested by Regional Adaptation Research" [HTML/PDF]

Frank Strain, "Searching For Tornados: The Upcoming Dementia Crisis in New Brunswick" [HTML/PDF]

Morgan Poteet and Bianca Gomez, “'It’s Both Ways': How International Students Negotiate Belonging in Local and Global Contexts" [HTML/PDF]

Anne Koval, "The Rural Readymade: A New Brunswick Vernacular in the Work of Adriana Kuiper and Ryan Suter" [HTML/PDF]

Special thanks in this issue goes to Clayton Beaton (St. Thomas University) for IT and publishing support.

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