Discussion Forum Policy

In keeping with the mandate of JNBS/RÉNB to generate conversation and debate about New Brunswick, the editorial board welcomes responses to essays and articles that appear in the journal. We believe that debate is key to maintaining the civic health of the public commons. Submission of a response does not guarantee its publication, however. Each response will be considered for publication by the editorial board based on the criteria below. Responses to essays and articles are not the opinion of JNBS/RÉNB, but only of the response writer.

Responses must meet each of the following criteria:

The author’s name and professional affiliation must be affixed to the response, and will be published. In cases where a respondent is representing a particular ideological persuasion or special interest, we leave it to the integrity of the responder to be explicit about that bias.

Only “substantive” responses will be considered for publication. “Substantive” responses are those that are more considered than what would normally appear in a letter to the editor. They are longer and more detailed, their arguments are supported by evidence and/or scholarly reference, and they make a purposeful contribution to the issue under discussion. If respondents wish to create fully supported counter arguments in excess of 2500 words, they are invited to submit those as articles for peer review.

Responses will be published in the language in which they are submitted.

Respondents will have three months after the launch of each issue to submit responses. (Responses that arrive after that period will be considered for publication at the discretion of the editorial board.) At the end of three months, all responses will be shared with the original author, who will have two months to address those. Responses that meet the criteria, as well as the author’s address, will then be published.

Responses should be restricted to addressing the material arguments and/or omissions of the original piece to which they are responding.

Responses that are defamatory, off-topic, digressive, or dogmatic will not be published, nor will responses that contain offensive language or unsubstantiated allegations, or that launch personal attacks against individuals, including the original author.

The editorial board reserves the right to edit or delete material from responses that it deems to be unworthy of distribution.

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