Issue 7(1) (2016)


Editorial introduction:

Fabrizio Antonelli and Michael Fox, "Introduction" [HTML/PDF]


Refereed articles:

Paul Bogaard, "The First Frame House in Sackville Parish" [HTML/PDF]

Lauren Beck, "Early-Modern European and Indigenous Linguistic Influences on New Brunswick Place Names" [HTML/PDF]

Geoffrey R. Martin, "The Extraordinary Employment Tenure of New Brunswick Municipal Officers: A Case of the Entrenched Civil Servant?" [HTML/PDF]

Fabrizio Antonelli, "Building Futures: Career and Community Development in Small New Brunswick Towns" [HTML/PDF]

Odette Gould, Heather Webster, Elizabeth Daniels, and Suzanne Dupuis-Blanchard, "Transportation for Seniors in a Rural Community: Can the Nursing Home Play a Role?" [HTML/PDF]

Suzanne Dupuis-Blanchard, Odette N. Gould, and Ilisha French, "L’importance de planifier en vue du vieillissement de la population : Notre ville est-elle amie des aînés?" [HTML/PDF]

Erik W. Fraser, "Place-Conscious Pedagogy and Sackville, New Brunswick, as a Learning Community" [HTML/PDF]

Natalie Y. Gillis, "Implementing a Made-in-New Brunswick Outdoor Environmental Education Program: A Case Study of Salem Elementary School" [HTML/PDF]


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