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Photo of David Adams Richards

David Adams Richards, photo: unb.ca

Tuesday, Wednesday

Tuesday, Wednesday (1987). 35 mm, 82 min, colour. Capitol Films/Pickwauket Films. First Canadian feature film produced in New Brunswick. Originally entitled Phillip and Evelyn, it was the first screenplay written by David Adams Richards, and it was co-written, directed, edited and produced by Jon Pedersen. Music was provided by Mark Carmody; John Clement was in charge of cinematography and was the director of photography. Other collaborators on this film included Terry Gallie and Terry Malone, camera assistants; Allie Hossack, make-up; Patricia Larman, art director; Charlie MacLellan, assistant director; Art Makosinski, sound; Tony Merzetti, location manager; Louise Newman, production manager; Freda Pedersen, assistant to the director and assistant editor; Peggie Richards, production secretary; Peter Rowan, boom operator; Ilkay Silk, costumes; Colin Smith, craft services; Dawn Aeron Wason, continuity; and Talent Showcase, which was responsible for casting.

Tuesday, Wednesday was filmed in Fredericton, New Brunswick, over 28 days. The film had a budget of $100,000 and was funded primarily by Jon and Freda Pedersen. Jon Pedersen, who met David Adams Richards through Alden Nowlan, asked Richards to write the screenplay. The film was screened originally at the Atlantic Film Festival, where it received an award (1987); it then aired at the World Film Festival in Montreal (1987). It was shown at the 1988 Calgary Olympics, the AFI Film Festival Los Angeles, and the Houston Film Festival in 1989. The film was also featured in Paris, France, at a festival on a retrospective in Canadian film (1998). The film was subsequently bought and aired by First Choice Pay TV. In addition, Mark Carmody released the soundtrack of the movie on vinyl (1987). A film with minimal dialogue, the brooding score conveys the characters’ emotions and feelings and reflects the local landscape.

Tuesday, Wednesday is a story about Phillip Blayney, an ex-teacher and reformed alcoholic (played by Jon Alexander). He returns to the town where he faces alienation after killing a young boy in a drunk driving accident. The film is a solemn look at Phillip's attempt to find peace within the community. The boy's mother, Evelyn (played by Liz Dufresne), and sister, Tina (Penny Belmont), display the emotional struggle and turmoil of seeing Phillip again. Once Phillip realizes that the community and his ex-girlfriend cannot accept him, he moves on. Notable scenes include Phillip confronting a former student, who is now a police officer, and visiting his father and eating mustard sandwiches with him in a ramshackle old farmhouse in Mactaquac, ten kilometers west of Fredericton. Much of the film takes place on Queen Street in Fredericton. Other actors include Chris Boudreau, Pearly Haines, Bill Rogers, Victor Wright, Frank Sweezey, Mona Loosen, Mamie Murray, Ted Pead, Dawn Gallant, John Washburn, Bill Gould, Joan Fraser, Tayle McAvity, Randy Hall, Matthew Dymond, author Sheree Fitch, and John Cail, Saint John's former town crier.

The New Brunswick Film Co-op and then-president Ilkay Silk played an important role in the making of this film. Tuesday, Wednesday remains one of the only films to be funded, supported, casted (aside from Jon Alexander and Liz Dufresne), and filmed entirely in New Brunswick.

Natalie Jargaille, Winter 2009
St. Thomas University

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