First Year

In first year, students take introductory courses in several disciplines. These courses are designed to provide a broad foundation from which you can proceed to more specialized interests.

In sociology, we begin with Introduction to Sociology (SOCI 1006). This is a full-year (both Fall and Winter terms), 6 credit-hour course that examines both theory and research pertaining to social order, social conflict, and social change. We consider these by studying such elements of society as the family, education, the economy, religion, racial and ethnic groups, and others.

Introduction to Sociology is a lecture-based course exemplifying the complex logical relations between assumptions and argument, theory and evidence, institutional practice and complex social outcomes across societal standpoints. Often, the classes are organized around group work and collaborative exercises. Collaborative work assists the detailed attention to text required to make visible the assumptions implicit in documents, policy statements, and public discourse.

At the end of first year, you will be choosing your courses for second year. Having completed Introduction to Sociology, you can begin to tailor your classes to explore more specialized areas of study. However, it is important to note that not all of the courses listed in the academic calendar are available each term. It is important that you carefully check what course is available when, so that you may register for the ones that peak your interest.

If you think that you will be majoring or honouring in sociology, it is recommended that you take Research Methods (SOCI 2013) as part of your second year.