Fourth Year

In your fourth year, you should be finishing up the course requirements you need for both your general Bachelor of Arts (consult the Academic Calendar) and your sociology major/minor/honours.

Remember - you must apply to graduate. Forms are available at the Registrar's office (located in the Welcome building)


If you are majoring, you will be taking a Senior Seminar (SOCI 4013) in your last year. These are the capstone of the sociology programme, designed to encourage you to apply your accumulated knowledge of sociological approaches and research tools to explore a substantive issue in collaborative small group settings. There are generally a few different offerings to choose from.


If you are doing your honours you will be writing a thesis as well as registering for the following courses:

SOCI 4006 Honours Thesis (full-year)
SOCI 4023 Honours Workshop (first term)
SOCI 4033 Advanced Sociological Theory (first term)

Honours Thesis (SOCI 4006) is 6 credit hour course, however it is not a formally attended class. It allows you time in your last two terms to carry out the research and analysis you need to complete your thesis.

Honours Workshop (SOCI 4023) is a course that helps thesis students prepare for the task of carrying out thesis work, giving presentations, and other helpful tips in a close, collaborative environment.

For more information on writing your thesis, see the Honours in Sociology page.