Graduate Studies

As a sociology student, you may wish to continue your education into graduate school. In graduate school, students pursue a Masters degree in their chosen field (e.g. Arts - Sociology, Education - Critical Studies in Education, public administration, law school, teaching certificate, etc.). Although different schools have different entrance requirements, most require an honours degree and good GPA.

Researching Schools & Programs

  • Don't be afraid to email - ask whatever questions you need to help make a decision.
  • Find potential graduate school advisors you would like to work with and mention them in your application.
  • Begin by thinking - If I could go anywhere and study anything, what would I love to do?
  • Narrow your choices down to 2-3 top choices.

Letters of Reference

  • Most schools require 2-3 reference letters. Be sure that your reference letters come from faculty and advisors who both know you, and can speak to your abilities, work habits, and character.
  • Be courteous: Give your letter writers ample time to prepare a proper letter - at least two weeks.

General Tips

  • Double check deadlines and due-dates. Be sure to make those writing your letters of reference well aware of these dates.
  • The onus is on your to organize and put together the application package. Make the process as easy as possible for your reference letter writers.
  • It is not all about money. Sometimes the program that is the best fit for you is not always the one offering you the most money.