Welcome to Sociology @ St. Thomas!

Edmund Casey Hall
St. Thomas University

Today’s world is marked by profound challenges. Young people coming to university today will have to deal with climate change, the lasting effects of economic upheaval and the continuing problems of global inequality. They will also face changing gender roles, increased global migration, and shifting personal identities in a post-modern, post-national world. Sociology prepares students to understand how these historical events shape our perceptions of ourselves and our interactions with others both in the private life of friendship, family and intimate relations, and in the public life of the city, the country, and the world.

At St. Thomas, sociology explores the connection between our historical moment and our most intimate anxieties and fears. Our students are encouraged to develop a ‘sociological imagination’, to help them work through the personal troubles and public issues of our lives. In the process of expanding our knowledge of the social world around us, sociology often increases our ability to recognize the possibilities and importance of social change.

Our department offers majors, minors, and honours programmes. Our courses provide a solid grounding in the various fields of the discipline, ranging from topics such as the internet and cyberspace, through social inequality and war to religion and the family. Classes in research methods and theory provide the framework of a distinctively sociological approach to the social sciences.

Welcome to sociology at STU.