Third Year

In third year, you generally take 3000 (i.e. SOCI3XXX) level courses. These courses offer greater opportunities for student presentations, seminars, and collaborative research. They provide opportunities to both discuss and consider course materials, and enrich your understanding of the ideas, and their ramifications.

As well, by your third year, you have decided if you are going to be majoring or honouring in sociology. Whether you major or honour, you should be registered in:

SOCI 3013 Classical Sociological Theory (first term)
SOCI 3023 Modern Sociological Theory (second term)
SOCI 2013 Research Methods if you haven't already taken it (first or second term)


If you are planning to honour, you should also be taking:

SOCI 2023 Statistics
SOCI 3033 Seminar in Research Strategies (recommended)

For potential honours students, you need to apply for admission to the Honours Programme by contacting the Chair of Sociology.

Please Note: you must have a grade point average of B in sociology courses to enter the Honours Programme.


Also, be sure that you are taking enough sociology courses to meet the total credit hour requirements for your major or honours (as listed in the Academic Calendar).