Science and Technology Studies
St Thomas University, Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada

Answers to Some Common Questions

Where is STS located?
The faculty and staff for STS are located on the third and fourth floors of the newly constructed Margaret Norrie McCain Hall on the upper campus of St Thomas University. The distinctive arch of the building easily identifies it. It is located opposite UNB's Wu centre.
What can I do with a degree in STS?

STS graduates have a wide range of options. Some may choose to pursue graduate studies in STS, the history of science and technology, or the philosophy of science and technology. Students with a major or honours in STS can also gain entry into other advanced programmes in law, business, education, journalism, medicine or international studies.
Students can use their STS degree to pursue rewarding careers in a variety of professions in government, business, and the non-profit sector. Some of the possibilities include public policy, environmental consulting, international development, health management and policy development, urban planning, alternative energy, natural resources, education, public health, and agriculture.

What are the benefits of a degree in STS from St. Thomas University?

Students who major or honours in STS at STU take courses that encourage them to acquire a coherent range of knowledge and abilities in inquiry, critical thinking and written and verbal communication.
They are, therefore, informed participants in controversial debates that will characterize the 21st century not only because they know how to apply abstract reasoning and logic to analyze problems but also because they have studied the historical, philosophical and ethical backgrounds of many of the debates of the current day.


Where can I find more information about Science and Technology Studies?
The STS Wiki site at: has a vast array of information about STS, including research tools, a bibliography of relevant texts and journals, and STS-related jobs.