Science and Technology Studies
St Thomas University, Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada
What Can I Do With an STS Degree?
Graduates with a major or honours in STS are equipped for a wide variety of career opportunities in government, private corporations, education and research and may, for example, end up working in journalism, policy analysis, medicine or law. STS graduates are critical and creative thinkers able to gather, organize and evaluate information. They have developed skills to think, speak and write in a clear and balanced manner.

Of course, there are always opportunities to obtain a graduate degree in STS at one of many universities that offer post-graduate programmes. Below are a selection of institutions in the USA and Canada that offer such programmes.

> St Thomas University (Fredericton, NB)
> UQAM (Montreal, PQ)
> York University (Toronto, ON)

> Arizona State University
> Colby College
> Cornell University
> Georgia Institute of Technology
> Harvard University
> University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
> Johns Hopkins University
> Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
> Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI)
> Santa Clara University
> Stanford University
> University of California, Berkeley
> University of California, Davis
> University of California, San Diego
> University of Michigan
> University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
> University of Pennsylvania
> University of Texas at Austin
> University of Virginia
> Vassar College
> Virginia Polytechnic Institute (VPI)
> University of Wisconsin, Madison

> University College London
> University of Edinburgh
> London School of Economics (BIOS Centre)
> University of Paris

> University of Melbourne
> <more>

Combining STS with other Disciplines
Students at St. Thomas can combine interests in more than one field by completing a double major, which means they must satisfy the requirements for a major in two different areas. Students interested in science journalism, for example, can obtain a double major in Science and Technology Studies and Journalism. Recent honours graduates from the STS Programme have graduated with a second major in Philosophy and in Anthropology. For more information on the course requirements to fulfil a double-major, contact the STS Director.

Previous Honours Students of the STS Programme at STU

Graduate Thesis Title What they're doing now.
Jacqueline Dew
Puzzling Proteins: Using the Interdisciplinary Method to Unlock the Mystery of the Prion Disease Case Study (2003)
Natalie Oake Beyond the Mask: Examining the Autonomy of SARS nurses (2004)
Currently enrolled in the Msc Programme at University of Ottawa in Epidemiology and Community Medicine. Winner of a 2006 Award of Excellence in Graduate Studies in Epidemiology at the University of Ottawa.
Christin Sheridan Fatal Flaws: the reliability of animal
toxicology testing (case study on the pesticide diazinon) (2005)
Graduated from Dalhousie University, School of Information Management and currently on a one year internship with the New Brunswick Public Library service.
Christy Clarke A case-study: Evaluating equine consciousness through Antonio Domasio's theory of consiousness. (2007)
Currently completing an MA in History at the University of New Brunswick. Her thesis is a history of the Humane Movement and the SPCA in New Brunswick.

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